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last night? you say, oh, boy. nick who runs four popular youtube channels caught this video. this is his mom. shs sleals. >> wat exactly are you doing there? [ mumbling ] [ laughter ] >> after that slight saunter she did there in the kitchen, nick starts to interview his mom patty, while she's still asleep smplgts . >> i was trying out for a tomato cage. >> and where is this tomato cage? >> someplace. >> right here, before heading back to bed, she does this last little move. >> ah! >> now, your natural reaction is to say, okay, this is fake. nick has 47,000 subscribers on youtube. so a lot of people are saying, okay, man, like, is this real? did you though shis to your mom? nick made a reaction video with his mom. >> come on, nick. who is -- oh! [ laughter ] >> oh, my god, that's so funny! >> so we had to find out more and have nick on the line right this minute via skype to talk to us about his sleepwalking mom. we have to ask, first things first. is this thing leap? >> yes, it's real. my mother, she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and just eats, just random t
and a beautiful day at camden yards. >> it was a great opportunity to for sure, but after losing nick markakis last by a broken thumb, it's not surprising the birds seemed down today. he continued his amazing streak against new york. an rbi single in the fourth putting the orioles within two runs. he has been taunted the yankees all season long. the bronx bombers and did it all lots a day. even derek jeter got in on the action. 13-3. they now trail by one game in the standings. >> our guys are disappointing little bit on the day. we will regroup over the much deserved off day for our guys. we will see where we are. >> later, we will hear from some of the players about how they're trying to move on after losing nick markakis. >> a bunch of people have to be rescued. we have the details on this one. trading jabs at the political convention means the campaigns are unleashed. are unleashed. >> 19 people arrested from the potomac river after their boat overturned. everyone was rescued and no one was hurt. it flipped on the bridge connecting d.c. to northern virginia. the presidential candidates are
and sells, and it won't make any difference as long as victoria and nick are around. i can't fire 'em, although i might be able to make their lives difficult enough that it forces them to quit. >> tucker: now there's a thought. >> man: the newman scions prevailed, leading to mrs. newman's psychiatric evaluation. she's back, and newman enterprises has been downgraded to sell. >> victoria: (sighs) how do we fix this? >> nick: (sighs) there's gotta be some way to reassure investors, to install some confidence. it'd be a good time for dad to walk in that door right now. >> victoria: but he hasn't yet, with all hell breaking loose. when will he? i just don't understand why nobody's seen him or heard from him. >> billy: how could you let victor walk out of here? you were supposed to keep an eye on him, make sure he was safe. now you and i are gonna go out there, we're gonna find him, we're gonna let him know that he's a billionaire, and drag him back to his mansion. >> genevieve: mm, look who's back. good grief mom, you gonna clean that thing or wrestle it? well, it's not gonna clean itself
at the center on budget and policy priorities and nick eberstadt, political economist at the american enterprise institute and author of the upcoming book, "a nation of takers: america's entitlement epidemic." gentlemen, welcome, and nick, let me begin with you. you say that the u.s. government has become an entitlement machine with millions of americans freeloading off everyone else. tell us what you mean? >> i think i said it was an entitlement machine, i don't think i ever used the word freeloading. the facts of the matter are that 50 years ago, the federal government devoted one dollar to entitlements to every $2 it devoted to everything else. it's turned upside dow now two out of every three dollars the government allocates for entitlements. >> what are you're thoughts >> you said you reject the notion of the term moochers, and the debate is misguided. what are your thoughts on this? >> i feel pretty strongly that it's misguided debate and divisive one, and a false framework, because the dynamics of the rise of americans can't possibly be divided into makers or takers or moochers. if y tink
be crazy enough to voluntarily jump into shark-infested waters? that would be our nick watt, with an encore presentation. >> reporter: the beach is all about swimming, surfing, paddling, playing but we've all seen "jaws," we all remember that music. and at the back of every beachgoer's mind lurks the fear of the fin. somewhere out there, the great white. we've come to meet one of the most feared, demonized and endangered predators on earth. face to face. this is arguably the most shark-infested water on earth. >> how's the water, nick? >> reporter: now, we're in it. visibility is bad. we know the great whites are here but we can't see them. blood and guts will entice passing sharks. a tunahead will draw them, headlong at our cage but where are they? i'm flinching at shadows, disoriented and scared. then, suddenly -- the prehistoric predators, 15 feet, lean, mean killing machine. insatiable appetite. [ bleep ] his fin was like that far away. i saw gills. after a few anxious minutes, he's back and great whites have an attack speed of a 45 feet a second. hang on. why are we doing this? well, b
fera kicking. he's been hurt. nick jordan has struggled, 3 of 7. a two-point lead here could be very big for oklahoma state. >> gus: one of the best kickers in america, quinn sharp. from 24 yards away on the right hash. and it is good. 2:34 to play in the fourth quarter. oklahoma state reclaims the lead, 36-34. >> charles: this is why mike gundy felt better about the kicking situation. this is pregame. texas trying to get it done. that number 28 there is nick jordan. coming into the game, 3 of 7, a long a of 38. his misses, 0 for 3, 40 to 49 yards. one miss between 30 and 39 yards. texas all night long has tried to make it a four-down territory when possible going deep in the territory. now with a two-point lead, mike gundy feels a little bit better about the situation if they can force texas to try and kick it. >> gus: so quinn sharp, and you know he wants to drill this one out of the back of the end zone. >> charles: ever since they gave up the kickoff return, there's been nothing close to being returned by quinn sharp. >> gus: goodwin and monroe back deep. and this one out of the
governments by printing bank notes." nick colas says the draghi plan buys time, but it still doesn't solve europe's growth problem. he's chief market strategist at convergex group. nick what do you think of this, does the program make sense, is it a good step? >> it is a very solid step and i think you saw the markets respond to that today. it's open-ended. it goes out through three years. and it does buy the euro quite a bit of time to help some of the countries that are really on the periphery and still quite troubled begin to address the longer-term problems. >> but it doesn't solve all the problems. i mean it does pump in a lot of money into these struggling economiesment but it doesn't deal with all the spending issues and getting the debt down. and it doesn't deal with how to get these economies growing again, right? >> that's absolutely true. all it does is buy some time. but quite a bit of time and i think the response you saw from markets today was more a sense of relief that we're going to have a chance to have that time versus any of the nearer term deadlines that were being tal
a fellow soldier and his girlfriend to keep their plan secret. joining me to talk about is it nick. nick, good morning. >> morning. >> this is bizarre. really troubling. how far along were the plans? >> that's the question. w legitimate were the plans in the first place? federal prosecutors are saying something different than other prosecutors. they think they were close to overthrowing the government and assassinating president obama. >> this is a strange case. we showed a clip of it there before the break. when the stepfather lunged at the defendant, what happened? >> there was apparently, the emotions got the best of him. he saw an opportunity to get toward the defendant. there's obviously a lot of emotions in this case. there's different opinions between prosecutors. we know two people were killed. this happened in december. a former soldier and his girlfriend taken into the woods under the assumption they are going to target practice. they were shot and killed. federal investigators got involved in the probe. state investigators alleging they planned to overthrow the ft. stewart, po
in the community came out to remember a man they knew simply as mo. nick smith is live in mill pea diswith the story. nick? >> good evening. he was killed by a single gunshot. tonight members of the mill pea ties neighborhood came out to say they will not allow the community to become violent like other cities. >> it has just brought us closer together. >> a vigil for the 7-eleven clerk who was robbed and killed last saturday brought out people from all over mill pea ties. >> these people here tonight come together as a community. >> he was only the man they call mo in passing and feel connected to a violent loss that hit close to home and a need to bring those responsible to justice. >> man up and turn yourselves in. don't be hunted down like a dog. that doesn't make you a man. it makes uh coward. >> mo was killed by three armed gunmen in this store. it was only two blocks from the police station. they posted details about the vigil on social media and suspect photos released by investigators were blown up and passed out. diana munoz has lived here most of her life. this is her first vigi
. many in the community came out to remember a man they knew simply as mo. nick smith is live in mill pea diswith the story. nick? >> good evening. he was killed by a single gunshot. tonight members of the mill pea ties neighborhood came out to say they will not allow the community to become violent like other cities. >> it has just brought us closer together. >> a vigil for the 7-eleven clerk who was robbed and killed last saturday brought out people from all over mill pea ties. >> these people here tonight come together as a community. >> he was only the man they call mo in passing and feel connected to a violent loss that hit close to home and a need to bring those responsible to justice. >> man up and turn yourselves in. don't be hunted down like a dog. that doesn't make you a man. it makes uh coward. >> mo was killed by three armed gunmen in this store. it was only two blocks from the police station. they posted details about the vigil on social media and suspect photos released by investigators were blown up and passed out. diana munoz has lived here most of her life. this is her fi
and tv shows are actually filmed? in new york, it is the job of nick carr to scour the city and find the perfect locations. he gave us this first-person account. some of the locations you might recognize. others could be coming to a theater knew you -- near you soon. and itnew it from movies lik seemed like this crazy, amazing place. my name is nick carr. i am a movie location scout. i do away -- a blog called "scouting new york." this is a great building. it looks like a little gap. nothing stands out. but this is one of the coolest things i have ever stumbled across in new york. as you walk closer, you will see it is not just a random alleyway with trash barrels or something like that. it opens up into this beautiful courtyard with these gorgeous houses, all of which were built three civil war. it is the last thing you'd expect to stumble on it -- build pre-civil war -- which were built pre-civil war. it is the last thing you would expect to stumble on here. this is the apartment building was used for the tv show "friends." one of the most cliche locations that i get asked to stop
anything? >> no, not at all. >>> nick, you've been through some fire training that they give to journalists in the past. >> yep. >> you will really appreciate this video put out by the rialto fire department in california. it's called "the importance of a good 360." they're showing us how this fire appears to be in the garage, but they do a 360 view. it's just the "a" side of building. you have a helmet camera on, walk around to the other side of the building and think nothing else seems to be involved, but you can see the smoke peeking over the garage. >> right. >> but wait until you get through the front door. >> oh, no! the whole place is engulfed. >> both stories were engulfed. even though it may appear it's just a garage, you see this whole house is on fire on the inside. >> these first-person perspectives of firefighters, i can't get enough of this. we've seen them before and every time we see one, it's remarkable these guys go head long into that, and thankfully, their training keeps them safe. >> again, they don't know what they're going to encounter. that's why they train so much.
a former u.s. ambassador to nato. nick, thanks for joining us. obviously, earlier in your career you had positions in jerusalem and cairo, so let's first talk about what went on in your mind when you thought and you heard on 9/11 that you had two separate instances in perhaps one of the most hot spots in the globe? >> well, suzanne, this is obviously a tragic day for the united states and for the u.s. foreign service. ambassador stevens and his three colleagues were serving our country in the most honorable way. they were out on the frontlines, and it does demonstrate that we have men and women fro the u.s. foreign service from our state department all over the world defending us every single day and so obviously the first thing we have to say today is our hearts go out to their loved ones and their families. it's a tragic day for all americans because this attack came on september 11th, 11 years after that terrible day in american history. >> nick, how do we answer secretary clinton's question when she took -- takes a look at the diplomatic mission and says, you know, we put so much int
want to bring in nick kristof and look at the cover this week. the agents of outrage. we'll talk about that, as well. couldn't be happier to have the two of you and your expertise in this area. i want to start with what happened in libya and give us your perspective. these assailants were heavily armed. it they seemed to be organized. does it seem to you perhaps to have been timed for 9/11, was it an attack of opportunity? >> i really don't know. but it is unusual in that libya is really the most pro american country in the region. the ambassador was be loved in libya. he had helped save benghazi, the city in which he was murdered. and libya as responded pretty appropriately. the government immediately condemned the attack, you have ordinary libyans apologizing for it. the real failure here has been in egypt where president morsi has been awol. >> what do you make of the president's comments, well, you know, friend or foe, well, neither really. >> i think that what you're seeing is what we knew was going to happen after the arab spring. there was going to be a period where you would ha
the game to san diego. no now bent over and ready to go, nick guess. if he can't go, it will be nick guess bending over sunday morning in miami. president obama put aside the world's trouble today and honored the u.s. olympic team, michael phelps showed up as well. 104 medals for the united states and here we go. you always have to leave with illinois, jackie loves her dog. pam loves her dogs. i am just wrapping up a newscast. there it is. nascar track before being rescued. >> all right. good night, everybody. [ female announcer ] they can be enlightening. hey, bro. or engaging. conversations help us learn and grow. at wells fargo, we believe you can never underestimate the power of a conversation. it's this exchange of ideas that helps you move ahead with confidence. so when the conversation turns to your financial goals... turn to us. if you need anything else, let me know. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. [ female announcer ] wells fargo. save up to 35% of clearance mattresses. get 2 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. sleep train's inventory clearance
a criminal complaint against the unnamed photographer who took the pictures. here's abc's nick watt. >> william and kate of touring the south pacific celebrating grandma's jubilee. while topless photos are flashed around european mag seasons and seen around the globe. the woman he loves, hounded and humiliated. >> kate, talk about showing a stiff upper lip. >> reporter: today, they took their fight to a paris courtroom much the first time british royals have ever sued for invasion of privacy. a palace spokesman decrease the photographs as, quote, grotesque and totally insufficiented, reminiscent of the worst of press and paparazzi, during the life of diana. that's the route of william. his beloved mother who died in 1997. the driver was rufrpg and car chased by a swarm of paparazzi. since then the press eased offer, but -- >> i think the jeanie is out of the bottle. we live in international environment. we have social media to how things were 10 or 15 years ago. news spreads fast. >> reporter: google kate and before you are halfway done typing. there you are, the photos, taken while
crashed a car and then disappeared. nick smith is live at 14th and adeline. >> reporter: oakland police wrapped up their search for a man they described as armed and dangerous. he crashed his car. it was in conjunction with the emeryville k-9 unit they were able to find the man hiding in a backyard this is the man police had been looking for since 8:00 this morning. they will not release his name or charges. police only confirmed that he was known to investigators and there was an active warrant for his arrest. the suspect tried to get away and crashed into a pole. police say he jumped out of the car and ran. doing his best to hide in backyards. oakland police set up a perimeter, canvassed the area with assistance from the k-9 unit. after a 2 1/2 hour search, oakland pd got their man. >> wanted person was a yard. i can't go into details. we are still searching to make sure that no weapons or any evidence was left. this person is wanted in connection with a crime. é details because this is still a very active investigation. >> reporter: [ unintelligible ] she told us the reason they wou
in camps across jordan, lebanon, iraq, and turkey. nick robertson is on the turkish syrian border this morning. good morning. how bad is the refugee crisis becoming? >> reporter: the turkish government say they're struggling to handle it. there are thousands of refugees stuck on the syrian side of the border. the turkish authorities won't allow them across. they already have 80,000 refugees here. they're building three more camps that should be ready in the next few weeks that will house another 30,000 refugees. part of the problem for the turkish authorities, though, is they have almost 20,000 refugees in schools and government buildings. the schools here restart in a couple of weeks. so half that new capacity will be taken up by existing refugee here. the concern is if they open the borders to freely allow syrians across the border, more and more people will flock across. what we're seeing is people driven to the borders when their villages are bombed. the free syrian army are telling us they can sort of create safe areas on the ground to stop military forces attacking by ground
, consulting with lawyers. >> and nick, there were two ways, i suppose, that the palace could play this. they could pursue it by taking legal action, which would continue to keep the story in the spotlight, or they could just do what prince harry did, which is take no legal action and hope it would just die down. >> yes, that's absolutely right. if they instruct french lawyers, and one must assume under french privacy laws, would be an option to sue either the photographer or, of course, to sue the magazine, which pass published these pictures, it's clearly a breach of privacy. under any international interpretation of privacy must mean, the photographer didn't have permission, the couple were on private grounds at the time the pictures were taken. but as you say, if they do that, it will prolong and, in a sense, intensify the story, if you sue a magazine, which will clearly attempt to defend itself. but i think that they certainly want to mark their utter anger and indignation and dismay, not least as a warning to the british press and to any other newspaper or magazine around the worl
she play ace wise-cracking dynamo on "modern family" today abc's nick watt walked right into the little lion's den. >> all of the grownups -- glitz and glamour and a 5-year-old stole the show. >> shouldn't you get to make up? >> honey, i just came from make up. >> really? yikes! >> reporter: did you have fun last night? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> because we stayed up all night! >> reporter: walking to the stage to collect best comedy with the kid who plays manny, her step uncle? a modern american family. aubrey anderson-emmons plays feisty lily, adopted daughter of two gay dads. >> as a bride all of the eyes will be on her. >> oh [ bleep ] who's your favorite person on the show? >> sofia. >> you look so pretty today. >> can someone tell me what the heck she's saying? >> reporter: you're not really mean are you? >> no. >> reporter: but you're a good actor? >> yes. >> ty, they're ready for you. >> thanks honey. hey, what's up? she's very good. too good. nick watt, abc. >> i can't even understand this guy. i'll do it. nick watt, abc news, los angeles >>> and we thank you
this? - yeah. once i put a gun to his head. - what? you kidding me? i'm sorry. nick, let's take it outside. i don't want to wake up your family. - no, they're-- they're not here. maria, she accepted a job in d.c. took zara with her. but it's--it's temporary. - nick, i'm so sorry. - it's late, and... i need to try to sleep. - and show up tomorrow. - freeze! - whoa, whoa! whoa, hey, hey! boss, it's me. what the hell? - get down. hands up. - really? how about one or the other, boss, huh? - cassidy, you scared the piss out of me. - what the hell are you talking about? you called me. - where have you been? - taking care of business. i brought you chinese food. give me that. what do you need, hmm? - the way delia got to iris and carissa, she's always one step ahead, she's got spies. - hey, boss, you got to calm down here. - bugs. bugs. the loft! you gotta check it. a bug sweep. every inch, chop-chop. - they spent the whole day, boss, and they can't tell just from these little things where they're transmitting to. you know, we should've left them on. whoever planted these things is goi
's version of the closer. nick, thanks for being with us. >> hey, krystal. great crowd back here. >> they love you, nick. they love you. i honestly don't know if it's possible to match president clinton, certainly not to beat him. he was incredible last night. i also don't think it's really necessary. he's a beloved, much-respected former president. so what does president obama need to do in the speech tonight? >> i think it's important to look at what the last two big headline speakers have done. for michelle obama it was reintroducing her husband as a guy you like, even if you don't like the job he's doing. it was a total contrast to mitt romney. i'm michelle obama, i'm married to a guy i love. bill clinton, a sharp policy critiquer for republicans. one thing after another, facts and statistics. i think barack obama has to say, where will i lead you? we have heard so much in the last few weeks and months about things could be worse if someone else was in charge. if the republicans come back, it'll get even worse. really, at a convention like this, this is your big moment. you h
-year-old student vanished sunday on a rafting trip along the river. there is nick smith live tonight. nick? >> good evening, he graduate frtd high school three years aggie. and his former principal calls him a popular student a huge personality saying that is why thousands have created a facebook page called let's bring brett home, praying for his return. flyers are plastered into windows of cars throughout the lot. but it's the sacramento river and the wooded area surrounding it that has become ground zero for a search focusing on whereabouts of the 20-year-old. a cal polly student missing since sunday. >> today teams using cadaver dogs so-to-sniff for human remains. his paernts are handing out flyers with his picture. >> it's a parent's worst nightmare. >> and he maintains a close relationship with the family. >> brett was a big part of the campus ask still is. >> brett has two younger siblings still students here which is why the news has been difficult. it was very emotional. the campus is emotional about it. the community is emotional about it so this is just, our thoughts are w
young american canyon. this year, they are loaded. they are fast and they are 3-0 and here is nick, coach nick and his assessment of tonight's game for sanoma valley. >> homecoming tonight, we have outstanding athlete. so, yes, it is good. >> now, this datsun, what are you going to do to combat that guy? >> try to slow him down. get him before he is started n. the 2ndary, he is phenomenal. >> low scoring game? high scoring? wide open, what can we expect tonight? >> i think with american canyon they score a lot of points. if we can't match them in the points collum it will be tough. we are looking for situations, it will be a wide open game. slow them down a little bit and maybe things will come our way, we will see what happens. >> the coach, 29 years here. he has his work cut out tonight. all of the highlights on our sister station at ktvu channel 2. in the meantime, at american canyon, back to you, gasia. >> thank you, mark. >>> the mental health of san francisco zoo animals will get extra attention thanks to the zoo's latest hire. they announced a new professor for survey consul
-star panel. mark meckler, nick gillespie and hadley. kennedy talked to the delegates about being pro-choice. why is that just about abortion? are there other choice is? >> valhi care about. i cannot see the economy is crumbling, an employee arrayed to. john: stick to choice. >> they use the word that we heard euphemism for women's rate to decide their own choices. they obviously mean abortion because any other health care choice i make is dictated as it takes over the health care system. obamacare is a huge threat to our decisions. john: david those opened my mind. choice for having a gun? what about the unpaid intern ? and no. it is so the go. you choose what to pay, where to invest your social security fund, what to food to eat, recreational drugs, a woman's right to send her child to a different school. >> some would benefit to win in more. owning a gun is a great thing to defend herself. i am disappointed to see the democratic party negative about choices. john: and women are about 50 50's split on the legality. i am very confused. >> just agree and it will be okay. john: then i
street use and mapping section. nick has been here for 23 years. >> 23 -- who's counting. >> and we will talk today about streets and sidewalks. mostly about sidewalks and a number of the related important issues in san francisco disabled access, hazards, encroachments. what they mean and how you can solve the problems. and maintenance responsibilities, who's responsible. good point. want to welcome you all and invite you to ask your questions. this is a dialogue and discussion. the weather is cool and might rain. we will keep the pace up and keep ourselves warm. we have a guest joining us, a special guest. a structural engineer who does a lot of work in the city with street and sidewalks and repair. >> nice to see you. >> he does a lot of the work for subsidewalk basements. many builds which down the face of the building ask extend under the sidewalk is and need a permit from department of public works. >> annual assessment fees courtesy of the board of supervisors. now 3 dollars per square foot. >> we will talk about that in a few minutes much let's start by talking about wher
, al winerup, nick freeman, christian ettiger. >> i'm rod block, executive director for golden gate restaurant association. i'm here in two capacities, the business community and as someone followed cca in 2004 when first voted for and i worked for supervisor pier. at that time cca was promised to create thousands of local jobs, green jobs, move the city to 100% renewable at better price than pg&e. eight years later we have a contract before you. a contract that is going to cost close to $20 million, not counting six million already spent, which the controller says will cost jobs, not increase, not create city and city-owned power generation and will cost residents 77% more for electricity generation. let's look at the players in this process. shell energy. so shell energy, pg&e, clean power sf and rate payers. shell energy we found out two days ago started drilling in alaska, also the largest investors in the canadian and carbon intense way. pg&e a local company has challenges. they have some problems. being an industry leader is not one of those -- industry leader around clean ene
with facebook and instagram. purchased nick software. facebook completed purchase of instagram last month for 715 million dollars. no word on how much google paid for nick software. >>> cancer now the leading cause of death among hispanic americans surpassing heart disease. a study finds cancer killed 29,935 hispanic americans in 2009. experts call it a small but significant margin, the study notes death rate from both diseases dropping. one good news. >>> next time you hear that question, got milk? some wonder if you should get it. cookbook author talking about 10% of americans being lactose intolerant. in that same article the committee says there is more marketing than science behind dairy promotion. requiring producers of dairy products to promote fees -- >> not just consumers' minds. what about doctors? last pediatrician's visit she recommended 2 1/2 glasses a day for each child. >> a lot of doctors are still in favor of it. they are saying many americans are getting away from milk and going to water. >> more on that coming, i'm sure. >>> following developing news in san francisco, a
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 877 (some duplicates have been removed)